The guy must be psychic!
Here are a couple of pics from Allan Wakefield in Switzerland of his DARKSIDE Barchetta Thingy, created earlier this year!
The car features a Repop Unicar Barchetta body sitting on a slightly modified Champion chassis and powered by Mura.    NICE!!

Maybe this should be the start of a “Darkside Cars” page!  Paint yours and send us the pics!   dsracingnews@aol.com
DARKSIDE box g12 wing car, raced at the German Wing Nats December 2007 by Andy BS. Body by Adrian Gay. And it worked!  Below  is a pic of the G12 main line-up.
“Darkside Dalara”, prepared from a Spirit kit for the 3rd round of the “Racers Edge” Scalex series by ABS.
Decals care of my faithful Alps Printer. Paint and clear coat is Halfords aerosol.