8 & 9 MARCH 2008
The Guys at North London have now Scheduled the first UK D3 event for 2008!  The dates are set for the 8th & 9th of March 2008. Format is not fixed as yet. There will also be a race for “Merit” cars, built in the “traditional” fashion. It is at present not confirmed whether the Saturday will be practice only and the racing on the Sunday, or if there will be a split over the 2 days for racing. Doubtless this will be confirmed soon and YOU WILL SEE IT HERE WHEN IT IS!
D3 2007 1/24 Retro Can-Am racing class rules
(version V3, 12-23-06)

1. Intent: The intention of this class is to provide a class of scratch-built slot cars reflecting the spirit of the mid-1960s racing era, with scale realism and low cost, to attract new and experienced racers and builders.

2. Dimensional Specifications

a. Maximum Overall Chassis Width: 3.125" (measured across any part of
the chassis)
b. Maximum Rear Tire width: 0.800"
c. Minimum Rear Tire diameter: 0.8125" (13/16")
d. Minimum Front Tire width: 0.225"
e. Minimum Front Tire diameter: 0.75" (3/4")
f. Minimum Clearance: 0.050" (measured under rear axle including gear) and 0.015" (measured under front axle). Both clearances measured with car standing on a flat tech board on its wheels, without guide.

3. Chassis construction:

3a. Chassis type: Any personally-built or commercially available scratchbuilt chassis conforming to these specifications and to the spirit of the intent statement is allowed.
3b. Chassis Materials: Brass: sheet, rod and tube, steel: wire, pin tubing and guide tongues are allowed. A three-sided motor bracket including rear axle carrier is mandatory. Other than guide tongues, stamped steel parts and EDM or laser-cut parts of any material are not allowed.
3c. Drive type: Inline drive only, with the motor shaft at 90 degrees
to the rear axle.
3d. Other than a drop arm, all hinged movements must be oriented in only one direction (i.e. either side pan hinges OR a plumber hinge, NOT BOTH). Centerline hinges (flexi hinges) are not allowed.
3e. Front axle: A single straight, one-piece front axle is required, carrying both front wheels. The axle may be fixed or in a tube. NO hinged front wheel movements are allowed (i.e. no "L" arms). Front wheels may rotate independently.
3f. Guide: One guide flag (or pin) centered on the longitudinal axis of the chassis (i.e. no sideways "free float"? or offset) is allowed.

4. Other Requirements:

4a. Motor type: Unopened, unmodified TSR D3 Spec motor.
4b. Body style: Bodies must be originals or exact reproductions of pre-1970 Can-Am or Sports/GT bodies by Russkit, MAC, Lancer, Associated, Dynamic etc. No "flattened" or "aerodynamically improved" bodies allowed (i.e. no molded-in spoilers, wings etc that were not on the original full-size car or original mold). Bodies with molded-in cockpits are not allowed even if cut out. Front wheel arches must be cut out. Rear wheel arches may be left closed if the original full-size car ran with closed wheel arches. Bodies must be presentably painted and carry at least three racing numbers, one on each side, and one on the front. No part of the chassis may be seen when looking at the car from its top.
Full race Details will follow when available.

In regard to the 1/24th “Merit” race, the photos below are of the Merit (SMER re-issue) bodies Talbot Lago, built by Ralph Parker / Andy Brown-Searle and run at Bordeaux in 2006. The wheels on this are Riko Wires and a little wide for the North London event, but otherwise a fairly good example of the Marque.
(+ probably, no sane individual would run original wires at North London unless an unlimited wallet was also a feature!)

Merit made a number of kits in regard to “period formula cars” and some of these were re-issued by SMER. Many examples can be found on E-bay, in the odd model shop or, anyone wanting a Talbot Lago could do worse than contact Andy Brown-Searle who has these kits on the shelf