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(The old man of British Slot Racing!

It is always hard to talk on the demise of a slotracer.This time no legend , certainly no Maresca ,no Trigilio,no Walker,not even a Limpach or Gick . But Georgie Formula One Kimber can be finally laid to his rest, for in Revuca it was for sure his final walk.
Since his start at Torino in 1980 he has always been streetfighting ,time & again he could rise to the highest Alps to victory lane. It was for certain that he could never count on the meagrest talents of a Horky or Saunders but he always carried his countries honour, Nine times out of ten he could not beat these slotracing Gods but as in Chicago he could prove his Lionheart, a true Englishman ,a man who could fight to the end ,even conjure up a miracle.
It could have been else for our Georgie, born on scrap heaps of Tyneside Shipbuilding in the neglected Industrial Wastelands of not so Great Britain. His only education was the streets but the chance sighting of racing cars in his local toy shop was to carve out his destiny.
Time after time he could leave his sceptred Isle and embrace a culture far removed from the British Goop laden traditions of no lane changes and lonely Saloons. But how to change a nation so entrenched in their sticky traditions.
But Georgie could finally convince at the UES Euro Cup in Middlesborough that his country could make the move.
It was always his proudest moment to stage the 1993 ISRA championships in his native Northeast with Limpach,Gick and a young Horky showing for the future.
It was no disgrace in Revuca,perhaps self inflicted technical problems but after eight days of Pork scratchings and Sheepsballs it was the end. No more venturing from these misty shores.
Time to hand over to the man who could save his country from the mediocrity . In Revuca Graeme Stephenson could show Britain has a future beyond a Saunders and a Cleave ,no one more fitting to carry on Georgies Legacy.
Time to say Goodbye,Time to take me to my slot racing Heaven and my Area Three Lexan Coffin
No more slotracing Darkside for my dear beloved wife.
Thank you all,Thank you Jean Pierre.
See you all in 2008 for my final dance .
Georgie Kimber. 21-10-07


Announced a few weeks ago and now here is the first photo of the new 1/32 3 piece chassis from JK.
The Hypersport 1/32 chassis will be available soon. The photo left is supplied by AB Slotsport.This will be built and tested in the next few days. The material is 0.040” stainless steel. Price will be approx. £15.80
ISRA will soon publish the minutes of the delegates Meeting held at the ISRA 2007 Slovakian race.

Hot news is Charlie Gooding has been ratified as Chairman of ISRA until 2010

See full details as they appear at
North London  D3 & Merit Race
The North London event was a great success with over 20 racers in D3.  To see the report on the race CLICK HERE
Click HERE for futher information, rules and the dedicated event page.
Left - Steve Siddal Winner of Divison 2 G12 Saloon,
Right Matrin Ellis Winner Main Grade G12 Saloon. Both racers from the Fylde Club.
James Cleave making it a “triple” for Saloon by Winning premier grade Saloon.
James races at Luton club.
Michael Ovens  Winner in Main Grade Formula One, from the North London Club. Great to see younger racers shine in this very competitive class!
Greg Harwood, Winner of premier grade Formula One from North London Club.
Martin Jackson made a convincing win in Production Sports ! Another promising young driver!
DARKSIDE racers Clean Up at the UK 1/32 Nats!
Yes, Darkside racers were definitely “feeling the force” at the UK Nationals last weekend! Here is the “Rouges Gallery” of winners! Congratulations to All!
New Club Track at Leicester.
The new Leicester track is now an actuality see more info on their web-site
North London will be running another Retro / D3 weekend on the 16th & 17th of August. Plans are now set to be a swap meet / “Kit Race” on the Saturday and D3 Can-Am & F1 / Indy on the Sunday. F1 regs include “Tottenham rules cars” .
See the race rules here!
The rules were sent to us in a single column Jpeg format, so almost impossible to print unless you have a printer with a tractor feed! So, said file has been converted to 3 easy print A4 PDF’s, Losing none of the content.. Download it here or from the race rules link above.  
See you at the D3!
Check out this great video advert for
Shell! Great camera work and sound.
Long Download! (663mb)
The 22nd & 23rd NOVEMBER will see a “SLOT FEST” at Pinewood Raceway, featuring the Falcon Pro Final on the Saturday & also the final round of the Double GT on the Sunday. Full catering etc. on both days. Watch this space for more news SOON!
Massive congratulations to James Cleave, top British racer at the 1/24th Nats. Winning the Production race & continuing with a convincing 3rd in OG 12 and a 5th in Eurosport made James the top UK Racer in all 3 classes!
Our Czech friend and proud Darkside hoody owner Vladimir Horky showed the other racers at the Nats the way as well with a win in in Eurosport, a second in OG12 and a 4th in Production Saloon.
General feedback from racers tells that most like the new track which will be used for ISRA 2008 at Milton Keynes and other UK racers will get their opportunity to find out at the upcoming National Team race weekend and also a round of the Double GT Championship
Due to the entry, pit space was very limited at the Nats and some racers ended up pitting outside & also in converted “containers” in the car park, luckily, the weather proved fair & food fresh from the “barby” was much appreciated by all.
Right - the new ISRA track for 2008 in the present UK Venue

Below - James Cleave, Top Brit racer at the UK Nats
& Bottom -
Left - Vladimir Horky.
Right Mikael Landrud. Winner of OG12 .
Thanks for photos from Kev Gray @
James Cleave Gets Double result on the NEW UK “ISRA” track!
7th September, at the temporary home of the new UK ISRA track, Brian Saunders hosted this months round of the Double GT Championship. Two races, the first for G12 1/2th Production Saloon and the Other for GT12.  James Cleave took the win in both Classes!  The first in G12 Production using a Proslot chassis (and just survivng a BIG wallshot in the last few minutes of the race after some “quick straightening) & went on to Top qualify in GT12 and win the race by  a stunning 15 laps using a Red Fox GT12 chassis from AB Slotsport (the first time this chassis has been raced in GT12 in the UK.)
Pinewood Raceway has sold it’s original Ogilvie Custom Tracks 130ft 6 lane circuit.. The track is  now going to live in Belgium at the Merlijn Club.

Just maybe it could be the start of another EEC Series??

Watch this space!

Meanwhile you can see details of their new track at
The Ex B.S.C.R.A.  “UK8” Track is now christened as “New Parks Raceway, Leicester. The track is now part of a regional youth project backed by the Local authority and Leicestershire Police.  Click Here to see a printable pdf file of a news article from the Leicester Mercury news paper.
2nd June 2009 - NEW TRACK & VENUE FOR Newcastle Slot Car Club.
After over 18 years at it’s present location, Newcastle Club (Longbenton) will be moving to new premises in the next two months with a new 6 lane track. The track design is said to be a modified Daytona and the venue facilities will support race parties and corporate events in addition to open meetings etc.  Follow development of the site in photos as things are built CLICK HERE
More news soon!
PRESTO PARK Club in Norfolk finds a new home!
For full details, CLICK HERE
The old Newcastle (Longbenton) track has now been sold to the Highlands Club. The track will be rebraided and installed in the Highlands venue later this year.
Highlands 8 lane track Refurbished!

Roddy, Richard and the guys at the Highlands club have now refurbished the Ex Riverside track. Now Christened the Highland 8 , the track is rebraided and barriers refinished. The first outing for the track was the 2nd day of the BSL “Scottish Tour” on the  30th of August and it has to said, the track was awesome!  
The REAL Good news is there WILL be a 1/24 B.O.C. on this track in 2010 on the weekend of the 5th & 6th of June!  The track, the hospitality and the sheer fun will be seriously worth it!