I was recently asked by a couple of racers for an easy way to check the function of controllers away from the slot track. A year or so back we used to make “controller checkers, but now, I just can’t find the workshop time. So here is a real easy project which tells you “how to”. You can diagnose many controller problems with it.. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the DARKSIDE forum.
Andy Brown-Searle
Above;- A controller checker for UK controllers (note the UK socket on the project box.

Below a controller checker for European controllers with Bannana socket connections for controller and (also 2 on the back for power supply)
Disregard the “push switch” and Led on both these units. This is a “add on” to check full brake function, but was dropped as it only worked perfectly on resistor controllers or transistor controllers with a direct brake circuit.