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A NEW G12 Box Stock Wing car championship has been announced. Based at Pinewood the championship will  evolve over time.
See the website here
DARKSIDE racers Clean Up at the UK 1/32 Nats!
Yes, Darkside racers were definitely “feeling the force” at the UK Nationals last weekend! Here is the “Rouges Gallery” of winners! Congratulations to All!  See it here
To Celebrate the release of their great new D3 chassis kit, JK Products is sponsoring an International Builder Competition and have chosen DARKSIDE Racing as the independent website to host it!
Click here to find out more!  Great Prizes and simple rules.See what you can make of it!
The “Brits” went to Bordeaux for the annual “Vinatge Beano” and one came back with a result!  See photos and a lowdown here!
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ISRA Milton Keynes 2008.

At last a report from our intrepid Belgian  “raving” (or should that be roving reporter) - (possibly not!)  who has finally retrieved his wallet from a bowl of now very cold pasta and retired to his Area Three Lexan coffin.
May his soul rest in Peace.

It is always hard to talk on the British and Slotracing. At Milton Keynes they could find the nearly perfect Championships. This is the third time since the start of ISRA that the English have secured the ISRA Worlds and for sure this was their finest hour. The choice of the MK centre was even better than in the Metro Centre of 1993 and the overrated Southampton. Brian Saunders and his organisation could bring slotracing to the great British Public, even National TV ran coverage on Breakfast slots for the championships. A second Public track was used to find £2.000 for Cancer Charities and provide thousands of children the chance to try slotracing.

For sure Saunders could take big chances for a track with more curves than a bowl of Italian Sphagetti. A track made in heaven for a Maresca, now not seen since his disqualification of 1992 in Dordrecht .
Surely the Sun of God could have saved the Italians from those Czech Devils and the Darkside of Europe. Now free from the Pale of Settlement and their communist masters Western Europe is again on the brink of defeat. Once again Europe has to turn to the misty shores of Britain for salvation. It could have been else if only a Gooding and Kimber had not led them from their Goop laden hell .
Now it seems only Britain has the right structures to fight for victory lane . One by One they fall, the French not seen since Latvia , even the Dutch and what of the Belgians who through IMCA and Moneytron spend fortunes to find World Champions of their plastic cars but it seems impossible that the can make the move. All that is except one lonely, intrepid Belgian, for sure one nice guy but badly beaten even by Andy Brown Searle !.

But God forbid I could say this of the once proud Italians they could always count on the Holy Trinity of Maresca , Capra and Trigilio, even a Noviello,a Niccolai ,a Rudilosso, a Montiglio ,a Gacobbi from the backbenches now no more. They make one last pray to their Roman Gods but the barrel of talent has run dry, the vine has turned sour. Only ' Il Bandito' ,Trigilio ,Guido Santarelli (not seen again) and the unheard of Francesco Barillaro stand proud defending their Mother country.
But what of Horky ,surely after his performance in the Warm Up races he could win with his eyes closing. Cleave now  on the brink of All time records of British Slotracing history had no answering leaving the UK Nats. How to beat the Czech Master, so he practice Night and Day and called for the skills of the 'King of Goop' Dave Harvey. But he need not have bothered for the 'Iceman Cometh'.  Matti Fhyr not seen since his Night of Sins in Malta came to 2008 ISRA Championships without expectations, Horky Saunders, and Cleave surely with all their training could leave poor Matti a Slovakian Stew. For certain it was showing at the Team Race where Cleave 'The Bedford Bullet' and the new Czech sensation Antonin Vojtik pipped Matti and Brian leaving the Horky & Korec trailing by a county mile. Already in Belgium at the offices of IMCA the headline 'Czechs Dominate ' is lying in scraps after not one Czech could been seen in the Formula Final and Cleave proving to be a real deal.This time the British can find four drivers for the first time since Ceska Lipa with Graeme Stephenson and even Paul Shepherd and good old Charlie Gooding.
It was a bad time for the Ultra professional Horky ,first to be outdriven by Matti Fhyr but surely not a Cleave. After three classes Horky could only show for a second place in E/S 32 and even his partner in crime Josef Korec disappointed. So everything will go with the Eurosports 24 the Blue Riband of Slotracing it was predicted for Fhyr ,Cleave,Saunders Gawronski, even a Krcil and fast improving Vojtik could make the Main . But in a championships full of suprises we find at the start Finlands Boywonder Atte Lyyski a total unheard of but first he could make E/S 32 and then produce a similar stunt for E/S 24. maybe he just return from fighting in Afghanistan and let on his combats but no matter surely he could not gundown favourite Horky. We ,Matti have waited for a long time to see Horky looking so invincible completely outdriven. Matti Fyhr set off like a man possessed , ok Horky did his usual stunt of starting on the the outside lanes but already he was seven laps down but we knew Horky would fly on the middle lanes but not this time , Matti simply played with him and Horky fell back into the clutches of Saunders, Vojtik , for the second time the highest Czech and a very rapid Cleave who could lose ten laps after he lost a wheel and nearly claw them back . Matti was just too good and took two titles home for his mantleplace ,for next year in Finland he will start as favourite and prepare his afterdinner speech, for it is certain that he is not a man of a million words.

Georges Van Rostrum.
New Track & Club in Blackpool !
More news and a couple of weeks on and the new  track at Blackpool is almost done!!  4 lanes with modern lane spacing & run outs and approx. 125ft in length this track is looking good!  The track is now up, routed primed and fully legged out, just barriers, paint & braid + finishing touches needed! . Based at Blackpool Cricket Club the track will be used for the 4th round of 2010 Falcon Pro and a whole new chapter in North West racing history.
 See the whole unexpurgated story in gory detail at
The First “big track” 2 race D3 Series in the UK for 2011 is under way with the first round held at Wellingborough. See report at
The Second round is at Raceway 81.  Both races are scored as individual races but the Victor Ludorum points will carry over both races for an overall Championship. Victor Ludorum points will be calculated from total laps scores in all classes + Concours points. Classes raced in the Championship include ;- D3 Formula One, D3 Sallon, D3 Can-Am and Tottenham Rules Sports.  If the pilot race at Raceway 81 in August 2010 was anything to go by, the racing and the atmostphere will be great in this upcoming series!  Click the logo above for full details
VENUES NOW!  Click here!
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A New track for the Boarders!  Our roving reporter took these pics yesterday (16.06.11) of the new Lars Harryson track being installed in a private development in the Scottish Boarders. This is Lars’s previous Swedish club track. He is moving to Australia soon and needed to find a new home for it. Well here it is!  Building work is still ongoing on site at this time so plans for racing etc. are
unformulated. More news when we have it. The track will feature alternative direction racing, Lapmaster race control and multiple race screens.