The first of our “International Racer features.
Our Italian Friends and “Darkside Godfathers” Piero Castricone and Guido Santarelli.

Both started “Sloting” in 1996, racing G12/1/24 production.  Piero started ISRA racing in 2001 and Guido in 2004.

Their Club track is in Sulmona, a little town 150km from Rome and is located under a church in the suburbs, a great location for them with plenty of space, parking and low costs.

Piero is studying Engineering at University and Guido Works in his Fathers Textile business.  Both guys are ultra competitive racers. And also great “Party Animals”!
“Dream Team”!   Left - Guido, Right - Piero
Italian Slot Racing Legend Paolo Niccolai  keeping an eye on the “Young upstarts” of Italian racing!
Roberto Rotini &  Piero celebrate their World Championship Team Race Win at the Ribera ISRA Worlds in 2001, Piero’s first USRA race!

Below;- Guido takes his Winning place on the podium for 1/32 scale Eurosport at the 2006 Italian ISRA race .
Between them, they have clocked up
8 x ISRA T.Q’s
2 x ISRA World Chapionship 1st’s
7 x ISRA Podium Finshes (top 3)
11 x ISRA Finalists
And a whole bunch of Italian results that are either to hard to spell or the guys are to modest to boast about!

Left is the “Precoka” track, designed by Piero and built in 2005 by him, Guido and other club members. The track was a 4 month building project. And provides an ideal test bed for car testing and racing.  “Precoka” is a dialect word which means Apricot (the colour of the track).
For the last two years, regular racing at Precoka has been a production 1/24th scale class, featuring Production, pressed steel Chassis, NSR 46K Motors and a Free body choice.  Like many clubs worldwide, club racing is kept to a minimum price, simple formula to encourage new racers and ensure a long term future for the club. This is however, no slow class! The track record for ISRA type g12 production stands at  5.15 seconds, The “Production Light” record is 5.20 seconds!
Above - Race night at Precoka with the “Production Light! Club class cars.  As in many clubs in the UK now, fast, cost effective racing is helping to keep our sport in shape!
Although slotracing in Italy has seen a decline in the last few years, it’s great to see these guys keeping the sport alive and adding to the great mix of racers on the International scene.

We hope to bring you more features on our many International friends soon!

Left;- Precoka racers say “Hi” (either they have a “Gugu” double or is it the man himself!)

Right;- The Dream Team flying the Darkside Flag and loving our great sport!