Bordeau Vintage race 2008 and one man thinks he may the the key to success. That man is Ralph Parker, longtime retro racer from Birmingham. This year theBordeaux theme for 1/24th Scale was NASCAR So what could be better (or bigger come to that!) than a ‘68 Dodge Charger, as driven by Bobby Issacs in the original K & K Insurance livery.  This had been a favourite theme for Ralph and after much earache I (Andy Brown-Searle) relented and offered to sort out the decals for him on my Alps printer. Have to say he did a great job as the following pics will tell. And not a bad job at the event either, coming 2nd in Concours and 3rd overall !  
The Man himself - Ralph Parker
Nice full engine detail and wiring always helps to get a result at Bordeaux. Detail is where it’s at and as you can see driver detail is great as well, with gear shift, full roll bars and a superbly painted driver. The engine is also wired correctly with the right firing order! Chassis is scratch built and Powered by a Dynamic GE motor.
Above and below, the Practice “hack” body. Two reasons for this. 1) you don’t wreck your “real” body in practice and 2) The competition don’t see what you have in the way of Concourse before the judging! This practice body was weighted identically to the Dodge, so in practice the car behaved and handled the same as the real thing.
Left & right - Ralph’s 1/32 scale car for the event. A very pretty Porsche 906/8.
Apparently some folk thought it was to well finished to be anything but a modern copy!