NEWCASTLE SLOT CAR CLUB redevelopment   contact details - e-mail
After over 15 years located in the Cellar of a school, Newcastle Slot Car Club is moving to a new venue.
The New facility will include a six lane “Daytona” type track, purpose built pit areas, catering and toilet facilities.
Check back here often to see photographs of the development process. The venue will be known as RACEWAY 81
The existing 4 lane club track in the Longbenton venue. Now up for sale.
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Below ; Day 1 . All the timber is delivered then - Cutting and slot routing the 3 boards comprising the top laminations which will go to make up the surface of the banked bend.  10.06.09
Day 6 - 16.06.09 ;-  The banked bend has now been laminated, cured off & profile cut . Note the “trucking strap” which is pulling the banking into form. Just another couple of days and we can start building the supports to hold it’s form and also the rest of the track surface from this bend which is the key section of the track as it will define the levels of the rest of the track surface .
Also while the banked bend is forming in it’s strap, work continues elsewhere constructing the stairs and flooring for the overflow mezzanine pit area, which looks quite small in the pic, but will comfortably accommodate between 12 & 15 extra racers. Benches and railings will be added as work progresses. Tomorrow is building the elevated race control area above the final location for the banked bend.
Day 7 - The banked bend is now setting out nicely and work presses ahead on the mezzanine pit area fitting hand rails to the stairs, worktops, railings etc. Final sheeting and enclosure will come later. Also the “race control pod” is finished out (above the banked bend) Next is the stairs to the race control pod and moving the banking into place.
Day 8 - The “Strap” looked suitably “slack” this morning so time to heave the banking into place, higher on the wall and build the graduated supports underneath, bolting the form solidly to the floor. As always, it takes time to get things perfect, ensuring no bumps or humps and complicated by the fact that although the banking in the corner is constant, it also has to be canted to the left for the rostrum straight (the first part of which is fitted) So the flat, laminated curve which started life at 4.370 mtrs tip to tip is now just 3.99mtrs tip to tip. Banking in photo looks a little less than it actually is, having an approx 300mm rise.
Day 13 (25th June) Most of the corners including the entry to the main straight and donut are now profile cut + all framework and bracing is in place under the main straight and banking. Today the Banana is cut and routed so the other end of the track can be trial fitted.  As more track goes down, the free space will become less, so it is essential to cut all the larger radiused components while space is still available.
OOPS!  Day 14 (26th June) Left the camera at home! But now the corner onto the main straight, the donut and banana curve into the understraight have been cut and set into position so we can start forming the drop on the donut.  Pics early next week when we will also have the understraight in position and hopefully the 180 return corner under the banking.
Stop Press News - and a Date for your Diary!
Due to demand by racers around the UK to come race at the New  RACEWAY 81 venue we have pleasure announcing the

This event will be 2 days, The Saturday and Sunday, with free practice also available on the Friday afternoon/evening.
Format will be much the same as the Legendary Riverside Blowouts of past years, with 3 classes, 1/32 Sports/, 1/24 Production & 1/24 Sports and some great prizes.
The 2 sports classes will have 3 sub classes, Falcon,  S16D/G12 and Open, the 1/24th production class will have 2 subclasses, Falcon and S16D/G12
This is not just a “Pro” race !  It  is for ALL racers of ALL levels of ability. Catering will be available on site (including Breakfast!) and a fun time is guaranteed for all, including the numerous possibilities of Newcastle itself! (rated as one of the top entertainment cities in the UK)
If there is enough interest we will also run a G12 Wing car race on either the Friday or Saturday evening.
Full details will be published in early August.
The venue has many hotels for all budgets within a 10 minute drive.
This event is guaranteed to be REAL Fun on a great new track in a great new venue.

This event is a guaranteed fixture. Make your Travelodge & Premier Inn bookings early and make MAJOR savings on hotel costs!

Venue Address;-
Raceway 81, Unit 81, Imex centre, Station Lane , Birtley, Co. Durham, DH3 1QT

Enquiries / registrations to
Day 15 (29th June)  and work progresses in the Newcastle Hoose!  The donut , fly under banana and understraight have now been placed and legs fitted. These have been levelled out for the first time and will be re levelled as they take their form. Now it’s time to cut the last large radius bend which sits under the banking.  Once the entire track is cut, fully jointed, slot routed and level checked, the barriers will be laminated.   As you can see in these shots, lathes and compressors make useful weights to help form the track to the desired contours!
Day 20  (July 4th)  The track bed is now completely cut and ready for final assembly of legs, levelling and braid bed routing prior to fitting the barriers.
Day 22 (July 7th).    The track bed is now fully routed including the braid bed. This involved removing and replacing the bridge section during the process.  Now also fully levelled out, the track is now ready for laminating the barriers, this is a time consuming process as all corner and straight run in barriers will be laminated from 3 sheets of 6mm ply and then matched into the 18mm MDF straight barriers. This part will possibly take a week to complete as all falls need to be rechecked to ensure that all forming of the track contours are perfect. The laminated barriers will then be trimmed for height and a solid inset placed in the centre of the donut to facilitate ease of marshalling.
Day 29 (July 16th)

YIPEE!!  Finally the barriers are completed!
The corners are laminated in the main from 3 layers of 6mm ply, 18mm MDF on the straights and 3- 4 laminates of hardboard on the tighter internal radius corners, then trimmed, matched in and sanded, this has been the most onerous part of the build.  
The next phase will be about inserting the donut infill, preparing the track for spraying, including scrupulous cleaning of the entire unit prior to applying the colour coats, lane and distance markings and top coat lacquering, followed by braiding and wiring + completion of the pit s & domestic areas including wiring etc.
Day 34 (July23rd)
This week has been all about cleaning the unit  (Monday evening with  willing club members wealding vacs and brushes) then undercoating the track. The track has now been undercoated and has hardened off, re flatted and ready for the colour coat the start of next week + the mezzanine pit area is now complete and wired. Yesterday also saw the completion of benching and wiring for the ground floor pit area and continuing work in the domestic areas.
Day 40 (July 31st)
The track is now painted and lacquered!
Tomorrow the lanes get taped and Monday the track gets braided. There is still lots of stuff to do wiring mains sockets, plaster boarding areas and painting / decorating. We should be testing the track around Thursday next week.
Watch this space!
Day 47 (August 10th) and after some frantic cleaning, painting and other stuff the  Raceway runs it’s first club night!   The track is Uber smooth with super smooth power as well and very fast!. A little more work clearing up over the next week will see the Raceway ready to receive all comers !