2011 12 Hours of Atvidaberg, Sweden

A report from one who was there!

Graeme Stephenson (AKA GSP)


After being invited to race in Euro Racing team for the 1st time in 2010 with 3 ‘GODS’ of slot car racing, multiple world champion James Cleave, multiple world champion Antonin Vojtik, and Cech racing legend Frankie Polenda, Nerves were obviously very high...

I had never seen the track before, and was made all to aware of the task in hand, this track is notorious for being a car killer, and to add to the pressure Frankie had come out of retirement just for this meeting, and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

A few beers and 12 hours later we finished 2nd! A fantastic result beaten only by Cuba Libra ,(Horky, Recek, Flaisig, Karlik).

Not a bad day in the office, and an opportunity to drive with the best in the game.


The team leader Antonin Vojtik Snr, was obviously happy with my performance in the team as he asked me to race for Euro racing Team again this year, and being equally keen to try and take the challenge again to Cuba Libra!


After Frankie became unavailable to race again, Antonin had asked a up coming Czech racer Pavel to join our team, we were set.


The 2011 journey begins on Thursday 11th October, I have booked a bus to stansted airport leaving Newcastle at 2pm, Well I’ll not bore with the details I arrived at London victoria at 10 pm to switch for the end journey to Stansted airport a few hours wondering and 5 mins sleep I met with James Cleave with Yvonne and Ryan. We packed the cases and set our self's up for the flight to Skavska airport. In and out with hire car in hand we set off to Atvidaberg MK.

Its around 1, ½ hour drive to the club, where we were greeted in the usual very welcome way complete with ice cold beer! I had a feeling we were in for a good weekend. Seeing the track was like meeting with an old friend, after the damage of the Swedish open earlier that year and watching a few teams smashing before the race had even started I was subtly reminded of the challenge ahead. James and I were keen to get practising to bring our self's up to speed. A good 2-3 hours of wearing out og12s I felt totally at home again. Whilst happily driving James Mack OG12 Antonin walked over with the newly built race car, ‘Graeme, you must test this car....’ Oh god they want me to run the car 1st???

I waited very patiently for the track to clear and ran the car smoothly for 3-4 minuets, realising that the car was perfect, then Antonin said now see what it can do. I started to explore the car in the corners to find the car was amazing, possibly the finest bit of engineering I have ever had the pleasure of driving.


On to qualifying, however not in the usual drive the car round the track, that just isn’t Swedish.... Uffe Karlsson called out side to the lawn, where 2 crates lay about 5 ft apart with a wooden box a further 5ft in front. The challenge was to throw a disc from the crate into the box, 1 point for 5 ft 2 points for 10 ft.

Each team member had to try. No surprise the home team managed to TQ, With euro racing managing only 7th ahead of the Tactical nuclear penguins BQ.



A technical issue with the computer meant the race was delayed and a decision was made to reduce the running to 10 hours.


On to race day, we started on lane 4 with pavel, who drove  a stunning run to win the 1st segment, the 2nd segment was to be driven by Antonin and I, which we also won, as did I in the 3rd. Pavel won the 4th segment, being very important as we were to change motors at the end of the segment. I did my last half at the start of lane 5, and for the 1st time we lost the lead to Cuba Libra, however with the daunting challenge of lane 8 we needed to get in front again, with horky driving on lane 7 I had to put in a performance of a life time to get back into it. We lost around 17 laps during the motor change, however, at 37 minuets I handed over to James with a 17 lap lead again, 37 mins flat out I felt amazing and my efforts were noticed by congratulations from Horky himself and a slight worry on his face. James picked up the fantastic driving and continued to add to our advantage.

Unfortunately our times got tough on lane 7 and another motor change on lane 8 meant we lost the lead on at the end of the 7th segment.

James put in a stunning lane 6 to bring the gap back to only 8 laps, a very good effort from all of us and my thanks again to Antonin Vojtik and James for asking me to race with them again.

Congratulations to Cuba Libra, and all as all teams finished!!!!!!

Here are the results from Atvidaberg MK’s website,


Team          After heat                                         1        2         3         4         5        6         7         8

Cuba Libre (CZ)                                                830  1657  2484  3333  4165  4977  5809  6626,10

Euroracing Team (UK+CZ)                            841  1681  2525  3341  4184  4986  5779  6618

Ahead of Time (S)                                            822  1618  2414  3192  4006  4757  5483  6231

The Home Team (S)                                         797  1531  2265  3039  3806  4560  5349  6085

ART Antero Rokka Racing Team (SF)        790  1541  2186  2922  3619  4349  5088  5810

Bohemia Sekt (CZ)                                          785  1545  2278  2961  3681  4351  5082  5795

Tactical Nuclear Penguins  (GB+LAT+S)  692  1445  2178  2885  3649  4309  5015  5569

Fabulous  Four  (S)                                         689  1407  2001  2643  3099  3778  4517  5205,00


Team             heat                                                1       2       3      4      5       6      7      8


Ahead of Time (S)                                           822  796  796  778  814  751  726  748

                                                                              8       6      4       2      1      3       5      7

ART Antero Rokka Racing Team (SF)      790  751  645  736  697  730  739  722

                                                                              7      8       6       4      2      1      3       5

Bohemia Sekt  (CZ)                                        785  750  733  683  720  670  731  723

                                                                              6      4       2      1       3      5       7      8

Cuba Libre   (CZ)                                            830  817  827  849  832  812  832  827

                                                                             2      1        3      5      7       8      6      4

Euroracing Team (UK+CZ+IT)                     841  840  844  816  843  802  793  839

                                                                              4       2      1      3      5       7      8      6

Fabulous  Four  (S)                                        689  718  534  692  456  679  739  698

                                                                              3      5       7      8       6      4      2      1

Tactical Nuclear Penguins  (GB+LAT+S)  692  753  733  707  764  660  706  554

                                                                              1       3      5       7      8       6       4      2

The Home Team (S)                                        797  734  734  764  767  754  789  746

                                                                              5       7       8       6      4      2       1      3

Our Roving reporter, GSP himself.

Assistant roving editor Fred, chills in the pits.


Below, happy families get into the true spirit of slotracing!

Above, Winning team Cuba Libra get their just rewards!

Left, Second place team, just 8 laps behind, Euro Racing looking pretty happy!

The traditional, all Teams photo!

Top 3 teams;-


1st  Cuba Libre

2nd Euro Racing

3rd  Ahead of Time